Case Studies

Reaching Future Employees

Audience Challenge:
Future Employees

Indianapolis-based Community Health Network faced a talent crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic. The battle to attract workers spanned job categories at all levels, from general support staff to nursing to administration. In response, Community’s Human Resources team increased their minimum wage and starting salaries, giving them a slight edge in a highly competitive healthcare market.


MKR’s campaign approach positioned Community as an “Employer of Choice” above their regional healthcare competition. Their omni-channel media investment included careers sites, radio and streaming audio ads, digital marketing and social ads. User journeys took job seekers from position-specific ads to a curated online experience, aligned with the appropriate job family. This campaign allowed MKR to help the Community recruiters reach qualified candidates, drive up engagement and reduce their time to hire.

Caregiver Recruitment

Aligning Messaging with Candidate Positions

MKR created the Grow Your Future messaging for Community as a solution to draw in early- to mid-career candidates for both clinical and nonclinical fields. The audience-specific content and design further built on that message and let potential employees know that a job with Community means investing in your long-term career growth.


Proof in the Stats

MKR’s end-to-end campaign approach generated a high level of success toward filling Community’s continuous recruiting pipeline. The campaign reached 5.3 million job seekers during its 90 day run. Community saw a 20% increase in site traffic to career pages and a 15.4% increase in application conversions.