Case Studies

Nonprofit Engagement


MKR was engaged to develop a pilot program to prove the impact of brand and audience development on awareness & perceptions of the value of the American Heart Association. We created and ran an emotionally powerful “Truth” campaign, which achieved statistically significant results in six key measures:



“Heart disease can strike anyone, at any age.” Strongly agree ratings increased 16 points, from 62% to 78%.


“I am aware of the fact that heart disease is America’s number one killer.” Strongly agree ratings increased 16 points, from 39% to 55%.


“I never really thought about the extent to which heart disease affects children.” Somewhat / strongly disagree rating increased 10 points, from 33% to 43%.

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“The AHA is a leader in addressing specific heart-related issues.” Strongly agree rating increased 10 points, from 28% to 38%.


“I believe the AHA is a compassionate organization.” Somewhat / strongly agree rating increased 9 points, from 66% to 75%.


“When I think of the AHA, I think of a charitable organization that primarily benefits older people.” Somewhat/ strongly disagree rating increased 13 points, from 40% to 53%.

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Campaign Success

The success of the campaign led the American Heart Association to revamp its nationwide strategy — for the first time in its history, going beyond the traditional earned media toolkit — to drive awareness and changes in attitude about the benefits of its work through the implementation of a comprehensive omnichannel paid/earned/owned effort. We helped the Heart Association to understand and measure the impact of paid media on its brand perception and development initiatives, enabling this client to enter a new phase of marketing capacity with data-driven confidence.

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