Case Studies

Corporate Social Responsibility


MKR’s client Community Health Network — one of the largest hospital and health care systems in Indiana — wraps its services around the Central Indiana community such that they address social determinants of health and work intentionally to help remove barriers to care. Community helps to provide access to services that are offered by verified social care organizations and nonprofits offering support with resources such as food, transportation, housing, childcare and more. As an element of Community’s brand promotion, MKR developed a campaign to raise awareness of the network’s support for all residents of the region.


Increase awareness of the ways CHNw addresses social determinants of health by illustrating key proof points:

  • Correction of health outcome inequities
  • Community Connections (Aunt Bertha — social services search and referral software)
  • Available financial support — and insight into pricing
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  • Community Health Network was founded on the idea of individuals of a community coming together to address the health needs of the greater community.
  • Wrapping services — both medical and social — around the communities in which we live and work remains the bedrock of our brand promise.
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